Aging in the Industry

Being older and aging with grace in this industry is not easy but not impossible.

The last five years I’ve been in this amateur pornography game. I do alright, I’m by no means a top model, but I have fun and I think that’s what matters. I’m older, I know I have that going against me in the industry, but I always find my people.

Lying about my age hoping it would help me get more clientele is how I originally started in this industry. I used to pretend I was younger than I am, and I passed. relatively easily. People still assume I am younger than I am. Some of my no longer used profiles still list a younger age. I stopped using a fake age in updated accounts. I wanted to be proud of my age, my achievements, and my sexuality.

Getting old in general is a trip, but in this industry, holy cow. I used to envy the younger models, thinking, “if I had started earlier I would be killing it in this industry.” That may be true, but it’s not my reality. My late start is an obvious hurdle, but I’m doing alright for myself. I need to stay in my own lane and focus on myself. Young or old that is great advice. Jealousy will kill your career faster than age.

I’ve never been one to fit in, in anything. I’m kind of a drifter by nature. I love trying to understand as many points of views as possible and I always feel like I have a lot to learn from other people. Even those I don’t agree with. That’s part of the reason this industry is good for me.

When I was younger I was always told to respect my elders. This concept seems to be lost in these days and age. People think they can just google whatever they need, but there is something with actually having a one on one conversation with someone that is a better versed than you goes. I know technology is going faster than I can comprehend, but I’ve lived a long interesting life and I have a lot to share. A lot of stories to tell.

Body changes

Watching yourself age, sucks. It’ really isn’t easy seeing new lines on your face, gravity taking hold of parts you would rather it now. All the regular worries of aging but amplified on cam.

Yes, being on cam is hard to watch, but it also makes you feel unbelievably sexy. Many members give so much praise. They don’t see the things you focus on. Instead, they love what they are seeing and build you up. Focus on the compliments, not the trolls.

Mental changes

Starting this industry at an older age gives me an interesting position. I lived an entire lifetime before I entered sex-work. The thing is, I’m a Vegas gal. I grew up in a town that normalized sexuality, and I’m glad I did. Outside of Vegas, sex is really taboo. I see sex as normal human behavior. It’s going to happen, why not make it safe and fun.

The internet is a great way to have safe sexual experiences. I crave the mental stimulation that this industry gives me, especially as I age. Being able to recognize the damage it can cause as well as the healing it can provide seems more obvious as I mature in this industry. I try to keep a balance of my sex-work community as well as how the outside world see me. Perspective is important. Stay true to yourself.

Societal changes

It really strange watching the culture change as the internet becomes more prominent. People aren’t only looking for the typical hot younger woman. People look and find all sorts of variety when it comes to internet pornography.

I find the market for variety refreshing. This market means that I can be a hot MILF dominatrix and I will find my people. I actually think my age helps me be a better dominatrix.

Age is relative to your customer base

Sex doesn’t stop after a certain age. If people can have sex they will. Not every guy wants the youngest woman. There is a market for mature models, although it may be more niche, it is there. Many men are attracted to their age group or they crave the maturity that only comes with age and experience. There really is someone for everyone and age doesn’t have to stop you from being prosperous in this industry.

Focus on your strengths. Flaunt your maturity. It’s okay to be yourself. It’s more authentic and you will find your people.

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