Anyone can be a Sexworker, but stamina plays a role in success.

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Emma Leviathan

Signing up for Sexwork is easy, but can you last?

A few of my favorite things about sex work include the people, the hours, the feeling of accomplishment, the freedom to be whoever I want to be. I started this journey on a whim but quickly realized there was so much more to webcamming than taking off your clothes for money.

I have always been an awkward girl. Insecure and modest, I have never been a sex symbol. I still don’t consider myself sexy. I still see myself inept in many ways. I’ve gained a lot of confidence and found my own way, but it hasn’t been an easy journey. I’m not a natural when it comes to sexual seduction. I honestly feel my strong points are more on an intellectual level, but I’ve made it work for me.

Finding what works for you in Sexwork is important.

Signing up to be a webcam model is easy. Just pick a site and send the required information. Most sites will give you a newcomer status which will throw you right on the front page your first couple of weeks. What I didn’t understand when I started was that during this time you should be gaining regulars and meeting as many people as possible. Once you make the quick money the first month, things get competitive and the fun, glitz, and glamour start to wear off.

This a competitive and cutthroat business.

Yes, there are many camgirls that are absolutely wonderful, but there are just as many ready to report you and troll you. Playing within the rules and focusing on your business is the best way I have found to combat this. If there is nothing to report, trolls will move on to easier targets.

Learn everything you can. Read the site rules. Read forums. Find a friend. Create an environment for yourself that will help you get through challenging times. This is a cutthroat business because there is big money involved, but you don’t own anyone and customers will come and go. Creating a healthy work environment is up to you when you work in such an isolated industry.

Regulars will keep you going.

My regulars do become my friends. This is an interesting business because there has to be set boundaries, but we dive deeper into sexuality than any other business. Things can get complicated when dealing with sex. Keeping things strictly fantasy is important to me. I don’t like leading anyone on. I know what I’m here for and I reward good behavior from my customers.

Be willing to fire your customers.

You read that right. Clients can get pushy. You have to be in control. If you let people get to you and you compromise your values, you have to live with that. So know yourself. Know what you can handle and what you can’t. Use your block buttons and stay in control. You can do this even as a submissive. You must develop thick skin to survive.

Learn as much as you can.

On-the-job experience goes really far. Learning from your clients is priceless, but it doesn’t hurt to do some research. I love the psychology of this business more than anything. We get to see a part of people that is deeply personal. Creating a great experience is rewarding.

Trolls will come and go.

Getting trolled doesn’t mean that you need to take abuse. If the troll is out of line and ruining your show or your mood, block them and don’t give them another minute of your time. Just remember that sometimes there are people that are just having a hard time communicating. Not everyone is a troll. It’s up to you to decide and control your room how you see fit.

Trolls come in all different sizes. Showing any sort of weakness will make them pounce. Don’t reveal personal information that will lead to your location. This is for safety. Be careful what payment processors you use. Although someone may have good intentions, they may also just be trying to get personal information to blackmail you.

Once your image is out there, it’s out there.

If you can’t handle your friends, family, employers finding out, this may not be a great idea. There are consequences to putting your face and body on the internet. If you are just in it for the quick cash, it can still haunt you. If you want to be big, you need to be a personality. The choice is up to you.

This is a fun business, but it’s far from easy. There is so much that goes into this work. Anyone can do it, but not everyone can continue to make steady money out of this business. Sure, sign up is easy, but are you in this for the long haul? Not everyone is, but that’s okay. Anyone can be a sex worker, but stamina plays a big role in success.

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